Utilities & Telecoms

Due to the wide variety of utility providers and operators and the complexity of the legal frameworks within which they operate, this area of land management is one where professional advice is essential to avoid the many potential pitfalls it could present. Understanding your rights as a landowner or tenant as well as being aware of the nature of the utilities which are found on, or pass over or under your land, is key to properly establishing the level of any payments which are due to you. As well as understanding what rights of control you have over any utility companies attempting to access your land to maintain their existing apparatus or install new equipment. ART & Associates could assist with;

  • Wayleave & Easement negotiations
  • Telecom lease negotiations
  • Rent reviews & Lease renewals
  • Land referencing
  • Access rights and records of condition
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Reinstatement negotiations
  • Agreements for temporary compounds

Regulated by RICS